Renew/ Replacement Roofs in Dorset

When a flatroof is not properly maintained, it can cause many problems for homeowners. These roofs are typically made up of materials like asphalt or fiberglass that do not hold up well in wet conditions and will start deteriorating over time as water begins to seep through them more easily than before- this could lead you down an awful lot of paths!

From leaky ceilings caused by foundation cracks due too heavy rainfall; mold growing on any surfaces left exposed after removing damaged sections from around windows & doors (which may happen if there’s missing trim); insulation failure leading warm air pouring out into rooms below – these’re just some examples off the endless list of things that you need to look out for.

Avoid problems by getting your roofs replaced by experts!

We can help you solve a range of problems with your roof, from leaking old felt roofs to failed fibreglass ones. No matter what type it is we will give advice and guidance on how best fix or replace them so that water ingress doesn’t happen again! We also replace old flashings/cavity trays that are leaking as well as fascias, soffits and guttering all of which can lead to water ingress.

Get expert advice on whether you need to replace or just repair your roof.

We can tell you if your roof is salvageable. Sometimes repairs are possible on flat roofs, and even patching up may be done. We know that your roof is important to you, which why we offer free advice and guidance on what the best option may be. We will always let our customer make an informed decision about their situation!

15 year service guarantee for new boarding and fiberglassing, and 20 year guarantee for a complete structural replacement.

You can sleep easy knowing that your flat roof is guaranteed for 15 years with a new boarding and fibreglassing installation, or 20 if it needs to be replaced entirely. (unless stated otherwise)

We offer a wide range of services, from simple repairs to more extensive replacements and installations. We will always provide you with an honest assessment and cost estimate before any work begins so that there are no surprises later on down the line! Contact us now to learn more about our services.