Brighten up your room with fibreglass roof improvements!

One of the most important aspects in any home is how it’s lit. One way to make your space feel more welcoming when coming back after work or before bedtime without turning on all bright overhead lights would be by installing an opening at roof level which will allow natural light into a dark room.

We know that home improvements are not always an easy decision. Whether it’s adding more light to your rooms with a sky lantern installation or upgrading an existing flat roof into the perfect balcony, we can help! We offer services starting from joists on up and have years of building knowledge which results in excellent service and even better prices.

Uninsulated flat roofs can be as damaging as leaks.

The cold air outside meets the warm inside, and condensation is produced. This can rot your roof boards or make a bacterial nightmare!

You can avoid this problem by venting flat roofs to limit moisture in accessing them you’re helping yourself by limiting what’s on top of it. This equals less need for further repairs and maintenance too.

We take care of your fibreglass roof improvements from start to finish.

We are proud to offer a quality service that will transform your home. We only work with the best professionals in their fields, meaning you can expect nothing but excellence from us! Our team is composed of local, fully-qualified electricians, glazers, plasterers, and painters to transform your home. Get quality service from start to finish with Weymouth Fibreglass Roofing.

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